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Two projects for Medical University in Wrocław

Success in public tender

Frili Project Management Sp. z o.o. has won two public tenders announced by Medical University in Wrocław.

The subject of the first of them was selection of Substitute Investor for the project: "The House of Silesia Pharmacist". The aim of the project is revitalization of historic tenenment house and conversion it to Pharmacy Museum and  academic institution of Human Science Institute of Pharmacy Faculty.
The project is financed from the EU funds framed in Regional Operational Programme for Lower Silesia Voivoidship for 2007-2013, Priority no 6. The project has being conducted since half of 2010 and is expected to be finished in September 2011

 The subject of the second tender was selection of Substitute Investor or the project: „ Revitalization of historic architectural complex of Medical University Clinics in Wrocław”. The project is expected to be finished in December 2012 r.

It is worth saying that one of the participation conditions in both tenders was confirmed knowledge of FIDIC procedures.



May 2010