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Project Management


Planning and carrying out a project is a time-consuming and complex process requiring a wide spectrum of knowledge in the fields of management, engineering, economics and law.

Cooperation with Frili Project Management guarantees:

  1. Comprehensive services throughout the preparatory stage:
    • [Client Requirements Report],
    • Finding optimal location,
    • Property's legal status report,
    • Technical analysis report
  2. Selection of designers In the course of the competition of tenders:
    • Project directives preparation on the basis of CRR,
    • Supervising project work,
    • Obtaining necessary documentation and administrative permits,
    • Obtaining building permits.
  3. Contractors selection:
    • Preparation of the tender documentation,
    • Offer analysis and choice of tender,
    • Participation in negotiations,
    • Preparation of contracts for the contractors,
    • Construction supervision,
    • Obtaining use permits.